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ePayItOnline – Forgot to pay your bills? Scared of father’s scoldings? And tomorrow is Sunday, and you don’t want to spoil your day by standing in the queue! Don’t worry, here at ePayItOnline, we give you the option to pay your medical bills online. The whole post summarizes who we are, what we do, and how we do. Please go through it once, you will surely find it very helpful. Online payment option for paying for any service has tremendously increased over the past years. This payment method is very convenient and can be used anywhere anytime as today is the internet is omnipresent.

: Here, at ePayItOnline, we give you the gateway through which you pay your medical bills. This is a very secure and easy platform through which you can pay your medical bills. Many Health care companies use ePayItOnline to manage their billing services. Now to know what is the procedure, please continue your reading for a few more minutes.

ePayItOnline  – Online Medical Billing Portal


To login, please read the requirements and instructions:


  1. A PC/laptop/smartphone with internet connectivity.
  2. Suitable browser.
  3. Billing receipt which carries your ID code and access number.


  1. Use your device and open the browser.
  2. Visit the website of ePayItOnline, www.epayitonline.com
  3. You will reach the login page.
  4. Enter your Code ID and access code as mentioned earlier.
  5. Submit it.
  6. You will be given the access to your account information.
  7. Now, you will get the option of payment.

**If any difficulty is faced, one must report t to the Customer Care team.


Read the instructions to your bills:

  1. Go to the site, epayitonline.com
  2. Enter your Code ID and access code to log in.
  3. Submit after entering the asked details.
  4. A new page which shows the payment option will be displayed.
  5. Choose your payment option and enter the details of your payments.
  6. Payment will be successfully completed after this.


How to register? Please follow the guidelines:

  1. Open the website www.epayitonline.com
  2. Give your Code ID and Access number.
  3. Submit to go to the next page.
  4. Provide your personal details as asked.
  5. Give your truncated part of the social security code.
  6. Submit it to complete the registration.


Details for exchanges and refunds have been explaining ever properly in the following paragraph. This policy of ePayItOnline gets changed with time, so visit, ePayItOnline.com to know more about this policy. Please read it carefully:


-We online provide the platform to pay and view your bills, so there is no point of exchanging things.


-According to policy, refunds are possible for online bill services. It will only be available when payments cross the charges for all of the dates of the service.


Below are the benefits of ePayItOnline:

  • Payments are fast and secure.
  • One can save enough time.
  • Statements check and transaction history service at any time is available.
  • Personal information can be uploaded whenever required.


Even after this information, you face any difficulty at any point of time, you can contact our Customer service team to resolve your issue. Here, you will know how to contact the team:

  1. Go to the website epayitonline.com/PayItOnline/ContactUs.aspx
  2. Submit the asked information.
  3. Ask them your query.
  4. You will get a reply from them.

One can also email the queries to ePayItOnline Privacy, c/o data media Inc., PO Box 2305 AlpharettaGeorgia, 30023 USA.

For other details, please visit our official site. So, this we sum up our post. If there are still some issues, please let us know, we will be happy to help.

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